PhD Thesis
  1. Patrick Mukherjee: A Fully Decentralized, Peer-to-Peer Based Version Control System, Supervisor: Prof. rer. nat. Andy Schürr, TU Darmstadt, December 2010
Conference and Workshop Papers
  1. Patrick Mukherjee, Karsten Saller, Aleksandra Kovacevic, Kalman Graffi, Andy Schürr, Ralf Steinmetz:Traceability Link Evolution with Version Control. Evolutionäre Software- und Systementwicklung – Methoden und Erfahrungen (ESoSyM), Workshop im Rahmen der Konferenz SE2011, February 2011
  2. Patrick Mukherjee, Christof Leng, Wesley Terpstra, Andy Schürr: Peer-to-Peer based Version Control. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS), December 2008
  3. Patrick Mukherjee, Christof Leng, Andy Schürr: Piki – A Peer-to-Peer based Wiki Engine. Proceedings of the Eight IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing (P2P), September 2008
  4. Patrick Mukherjee, Aleksandra Kovacevic, Michael Benz, Andy Schürr: Towards a Peer-to-Peer Based Global Software Development Environment. Proceedings of the Software Engineering Conference SE, February 2008
  5. Patrick Mukherjee, Aleksandra Kovacevic, Andy Schürr: Analysis of the Benefits the Peer-to-Peer Paradigm brings to Distributed Agile Software Development. Proceedings of the AKNOWLEDGE2008, February 2008
  6. Kalman Graffi, Christian Groß, Patrick Mukherjee, Aleksandra Kovacevic, Ralf Steinmetz: LifeSocial.KOM: A P2P-based Platform for Secure Online Social NetworksProceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing, August 2010
  7. Kalman Graffi, Patrick Mukherjee, Burkhard Menges, Daniel Hartung, Aleksandra Kovacevic, Ralf Steinmetz: Practical Security in P2P-based Social NetworksThe 34th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), October 2009
  8. Kalman Graffi, Sergey Podrajanski, Patrick Mukherjee, Aleksandra Kovacevic, Ralf Steinmetz: A Distributed Platform for Multimedia CommunitiesIEEE International Symposium on Multimedia, December 2008.
Journal Papers
  1. Aleksandra Kovacevic, Sebastian Kaune, Patrick Mukherjee, Nicolas Liebau, Ralf Steinmetz: Benchmarking Platform for Peer-to-Peer Systems. it – Information Technology (Methods and Applications of Informatics and Information Technology), vol. 49, no. 5, p. 312-319, September 2007.
  2. Kalman Graffi, Aleksandra Kovacevic, Patrick Mukherjee, Michael Benz, Christof Leng, Dirk Bradler, Julian Schröder-Bernhardi, Nicolas Liebau: Peer-to-Peer Forschung – Überblick und Herausforderungen. it – Information Technology (Methods and Applications of Informatics and Information Technology), vol. 46, no. 3, p. 272-279, July 2007.

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