why I prefer mercurial over git

… it has been a while since I posted last time … and now basically just a post about some links is following 😉

When I am asked why I prefer Mercurial over git I did not have a real strong argument.
All-in-all they are conceptually very similar, and one can do everything with Mercurial what one can do with git.

But Mercurial is easier to use!
And that really is the bottom line!

Every time I use git I am surprised how unnecessary complicated it is to be used. The
‘principle of least surprise’ is not followed, etc … in the end it is merely a tool for repository maintainers then developers.
Steve Bennett’s “things I hate about git” makes valid points with good examples. Unlike the title suggests it is not a rant, but a list of what is not that well designed in git.

Similar to the excellent introduction to Mercurial HGinit there are helpful webpages about git:
EasyGit enables to use git commands in a more intuitive way.

Think like git is an excellent source for understanding git.
If you are a visual learner visual git guide is really helpful.

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